Shannon Zejiang Shen

I am a first year PhD Student at MIT CSAIL,
working at the intersection between NLP and HCI.


On the NLP side, I am interested in language understanding in scientific, legal, or clinical text, documents that are typically authored and used by domain experts.

On the HCI side, I explore how humans, especially domain experts, and AI models, e.g., Large Language Models, can communicate and collaborate.

I also developed a suite of tools for document understanding and parsing. Please check my projects on Document Intelligence for more information.



Multi-LexSum: Real-World Summaries of Civil Rights Lawsuits at Multiple Granularities New

Zejiang Shen, Kyle Lo, Lauren Yu, Nathan Dahlberg, Margo Schlanger, and Doug Downey

NeurIPS 2022 Datasets and Benchmarks Track


Generating Object Stamps

Youssef Alami Mejjati, Zejiang Shen, Michael Snower,
Aaron Gokaslan, Oliver Wang, James Tompkin, and Kwang In Kim


Deep Learning based Framework for Automatic Damage Detection in Aircraft Engine Borescope Inspection

Zejiang Shen, Xili Wan, Feng Ye, Xinjie Guan, and Shuwen Liu

2019 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC)


Whenever you have any questions regarding my research (or just want to say hi), the best email address to find me is zejiangshen^